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Focus Groups aim at delivering high quality science in specialist areas and will provide a tool for scientific interactions (electronic or face-to-face) in specialist topics. Each Focus Group is established on narrow, specialized subjects, in areas relevant to the CRS mission.

Bioinspired and Biomimetic Delivery (BBD)

BBDD focuses on the bioinspired and biomimetic strategies for the design of advanced drug delivery systems. Bioinspired methods that involve construction of biological building blocks, or leveraging bio-interactions are being widely implemented to create various delivery formulations. Mimicking the physicochemical and physiological properties of natural particulates, ranging from pathogens to mammalian cells, facilitates controlled release of therapeutics.

Gene Delivery and Gene Editing (GDGE)

GDGE focuses on creating a better fundamental understanding of the barriers of gene delivery and editing, designing improved carriers, and realizing opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Relevant topics include nucleic acid-based approaches for generating therapeutic proteins (e.g. mRNA, pDNA), eliminating disease-causing proteins (e.g. SiRNA, miRNA, ASOs), and precisely editing the genome (e.g. CRISPR/Cas, TALENs, ZFNs).

Immunodelivery (ID)

ID focuses on new approaches in drug delivery to selectively target immune cells in peripheral tissues, diseased tissues, and at the primary sites of immunological reactions.

Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery (NND)

NNDD focuses on integrative discussions in the field of nanomedicine and biomedical nanotechnology for the design of advanced drug delivery systems.

Ocular Delivery (OcD)

OcDD focuses on studies that highlight the challenges and opportunities unique to the treatment of vision-threatening diseases.

Oral Delivery (OrD)

OrDD focuses on research for the formulation and manufacturing of small molecule and biologic drugs to maximize their oral bioavailability.

Transdermal & Mucosal Delivery (TMD)

TMD provides a forum for discussion in the field of transdermal and mucosal delivery, the challenges/barriers encountered, and novel strategies to overcome these obstacles to develop a successful therapeutic.

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