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Image by National Cancer Institute

Leading Canadian Drug Delivery Research and Technology

About CC-CRS

The Canadian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (CC-CRS) is a local chapter within the international Controlled Release Society (CRS). The CC-CRS aims to increase Canadian participation in all aspects of the international CRS body, by promoting Canadian research representation in CRS and at CRS Annual Meetings. 

As a researcher in the area of controlled release you are likely aware of the international breadth of the Controlled Release Society (CRS), reaching 3000 members in over 50 countries. The field of controlled release has grown substantially in Canada to the point that our own identity within the CRS is warranted.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working together and developing local Provincial chapter events "in your academic neighbourhood" over the coming years. We hope you will take advantage of the networking opportunities both inside and outside Canada that a free CC-CRS membership provides! 

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